The German Shepherd Dog Breed – Types

The German Shepherd Dog Breed

The German Shepherd Dog Breed – Varieties and Types

On other posts, I explained how the clubs that administer the breeding of purebred dogs worldwide and of German Shepherds are arranged and organized.

I also explained the differences between two very important lines within the breed; the GSD of American lines and the German Shepherd of German lines.

It is important though, to explain that in actuality the GSD breed is just one. In accordance with the GSD breed standard written by the SV, it can have fluctuations in structure to a certain extent.

Seemingly, the most evident changing characteristic is color. Any change outside the stipulations of the standard of breed is disqualifying.

Long coated German Shepherds, for example, are mentioned in the standard, but do not fulfill the ideal described in it; so, although long coated German Shepherds are GSDs, they are not acceptable representatives of the breed.

Although a long coat is considered a disqualifying fault, there are breeders in the US and Canada mainly, that still breed them. Certain breeders are committed solely to breeding long coated German Shepherds.

The German Shepherd Dog Breed – Types

There also exist different types within the breed. They can be divided into two categories. One category includes dogs with physical attributes that embody the expected function of the dog and dogs that have physical characteristics that expose where they are originally from.

In the first category, I’m talking about the evident distinctions between Show Lines or High Lines, and Working Lines.

The physical structure of the dogs from Show Bloodlines closely approximates the goal delineated in the breed standard, and GSDs of Working Bloodlines are bred emphasizing their inclination for the job more than their physical characteristics.

In the second category, I’m talking about the different types that look different depending on where they come from. A few examples of these dogs are west and east German, Czech, and British.

All these dogs have types that are typical of their place of origin, but they all abide by the breed standard.

New Breeds Developed from the GSD

We also have the White German Shepherd (known as the American White Shepherd) which being white is not accepted under the standard of the breed and is not bred in Germany.

Nonetheless, in the USA there are breeders who are devoted exclusively to breeding them. Because of this, they have evolved individually; so that they don’t share some of the characteristics of the German Shepherd dog breed anymore.

There are other breeds, including wolfdogs, which have been conceived using the GSD as their base. A few of them are the Shiloh Shepherd, King Shepherd, American Tundra Shepherd, and Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

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Things to Consider Before You Choose a King Shepherd

King Shepherd is a Shepherd dog breed that falls into the largest category. It is crossbred with the foundations of German Shepherd and Shiloh Shepherd.

King Shepherd is a large dog breed that is about 25 to 31 inches long, weighing between 75 and 150 pounds.

No breed is more “man’s best friend” than the German Shepherd hybrid, King Shepherd.

Before you decide whether King Shepherd has his own room in your life, here are some things you should consider.

As his name suggests, King Shepherd is a king-sized Shepherd hybrid. This large breed was developed by Americans Shelley Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer.

Under this broad category, there are several purebred and crossbreed dogs. There are over twenty-five breeds in this category, including:

  1. The American White Shepherd
  2. Australian Shepherd
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Anatolian Shepherd
  5. Belgian Shepherd
  6. Bearded Collie
  7. Bohemian Shepherd
  8. Bucovina
  9. Icelandic Sheepdog
  10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  11. Shiloh Shepherd
  12. Shetland Sheepdog

The King Shepherd Dog Breed – Types

King Shepherd is full of confidence with a well-balanced nervous system and should not be shy. Extremely intelligent and easy to train. Faithful and eager to please its owner, this breed makes a well-functioning dog and herd.

A courageous watch and guard dog showing courage and rigor in its role of a protector make it a very good companion. King Shepherd is full of strength and vigor. Friendship towards strangers, children, and other animals.

The German Shepherd Dog Breed
German Shepherd Dog Breed

A polite, obedient breed with an easy and a lot of stamina. The purpose of training this dog is to achieve the status of the pack leader. It is a natural instinct for a dog to have an order in its pack.

When we humans live with dogs, we become their pack. The entire pack collaborates under a single leader. The lines are clearly defined and the rules are set.

Because a dog has expressed its displeasure by growing up and biting at the end, all other humans should have more than the dog.

Humans must decide, not dogs. This is the only way that your relationship with your dog can be completely successful.


King Shepherd prefers strenuous activity, preferably combined with some kind of training, is very intelligent for this dog, and craves a good challenge.

When you ride a bicycle, it needs to be taken daily, fast, with hiking, jogging, or running. If exercised less, this breed can become restless and destructive.

When going out on the walk, the dog must move the person near or behind the heel, because the dog has a leader’s way in his mind, and that leader needs to become a human.

He combined the American German Shepherd with the Shiloh Shepherd. This helped alleviate some of the health problems of the classic German Shepherd breed.

It is most common that the sire (male) is the Shiloh Shepherd and the dam (female) is the German Shepherd. This is due to the large size of the Shiloh Shepherd – its breed has enormous genetics that gives the King Shepherd an impressive size.

This dog requires a lot of care, but they are totally worth it.

He has an excellent temperament and a gentle temperament. If you introduce this gorgeous dog in your home then beauty and exercise will definitely become your priorities.

The German Shepherd Dog Breed

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