Meet Mathilda


Dog’s name and age: Mathilda, 10 years

Nicknames: Mattie

Adoption story: Mattie was two years old, pregnant and had mange when she was surrendered to the Bucks County SPCA. After recovering, her puppies were all adopted and her mange was healing but she was really frightened and shut down, cowering in the back of her pen. As an all-black dog, I knew she would be hard to adopt. I was looking for a companion for my male husky mix (now deceased) when I found her. I spent some time with Mattie and then brought my Husky to meet her before she came home.

On her first night in her new home she hopped up on the bed and put her forehead to mine and fell asleep–finally relaxed. She has been my shadow ever since. She is sweet and timid but being an all-black shepherd mix people find her look intimidating. It just proves that you shouldn’t judge dogs by their looks.


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Mattie loves to snuggle–she always wants to be near or touching you. She also loves to run! She is much faster than her sister and she knows it. She enjoys running circles around her–weaving and turning at top speed until her sister gives up.

She is a love bug.


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