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Today’s Guest

Cindy Christensen – Doggy Dan-Trained Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

I’m so excited to introduce to you today’s guest, Cindy Christensen. She’s a dear friend of mine, a graduate of my Dog Trainer Academy, and is now a wildly successful dog trainer! In today’s podcast Cindy shares her journey of how her very stubborn and scary cocker spaniel set her upon an amazing journey to become a wildly successful dog trainer in her own right.

Cindy describes herself as just an ordinary person, however, she made over $250 000 last year as a dog trainer … a business she created only three years ago! Now Cindy didn’t get to where she is now because she set out to make a million bucks, she’s where she is now because certain life situations led her in a certain direction. All she had to do, as she describes it, was to take a leap of faith, and to do everything I told her to in my Dog Trainer Academy course, no shortcuts and no excuses.

Today, Cindy is going to share with us her ups and downs, her doubts and her triumphs, and she will convince you that, if she can do it, then anybody can. Along with learning how to be a dog trainer and how to set up her own business, Cindy also learnt much about herself and grew as a person in ways she’d never imagined.

I’m so proud and honored to have been a part of Cindy’s journey. If you’re excited to hear more then tune in to today’s AWE-INSPIRING podcast!

You’ll Hear About

  • [03:00] Cindy’s VERY difficult cocker spaniel that led her to finding Doggy Dan
  • [08:30] Dan’s magic words that convinced Cindy to take the leap of faith to join Dog Trainer Academy and become a dog trainer
  • [09:15] What Cindy is doing in her business right now
  • [13:30] Doggy Dan’s Dog Trainer Academy from Cindy’s perspective
  • [19:50] Who’s really the best judge of a dog trainer or training method
  • [20:30] Why the Energy part of this was life-changing for Cindy
  • [25:00] Fears and obstacles Cindy overcame to embark upon this journey
  • [29:00] How Cindy gives back to her community
  • [29:30] Why there is such a great need for Doggy Dan’s style of dog training
  • [31:15] The psychology of pricing
  • [34:10] Dog training part-time
  • [36:40] How much experience is needed to be a dog trainer
  • [38:30] The value Dan’s Dog Trainer Academy adds by helping members set up and run their businesses
  • [41:30] How quickly students can start doing real consults with real clients
  • [43:30] Dan’s first consult
  • [46:20] Cindy’s unexpected Dog Trainer Academy bonus

How You Can Get Involved:

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Contact Cindy to engage her services or to chat with her about Dog Trainer Academy.

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~Doggy Dan 🙂

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