Dog drinking a lot of water

Dog drinking a lot of water

Dog drinking a lot of water

I have spent some time observing the drinking habits of my dogs over the years and not surprisingly have come to the conclusion they drink a lot.

They drink much more than I ever thought they would, but it wasn’t always that way Often people say ‘my dog hardly drinks at all’.

When I hear that I automatically wonder if they have the water they want and even more, how the water is presented.

How Much Water Should a Dog Drink in a Day?

Let’s look at some numbers first. For every pound, your dog weighs he should be drinking about 28ml or 1 oz of water. Doing the math, a very small 10lb dog would need to drink 10oz.

Now let’s move to a 40lb dog. This dog now should be drinking a liter or 1qt of water per day. When you put it in terms like this, your dog needs to drink a fair bit of water every day to maintain good health through hydration.

Back to the ‘my dog hardly drinks at all’. True, some dogs drink far less than others without any problem, but dogs tend to like fresh running water the best.

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Who doesn’t?

If you were to offer your dog a bowl of fresh cold water and some water pouring out of a bottle, chances are he will go to the bottle over the bowl.

Take away the bottle and if he doesn’t drink very much out of a bowl, chances are he won’t now.

My Boxer who weighs just short of 80lb would barely finish a bowl of water in one day, winter or summer. When I purchased a drinking fountain, his consumption rose to over 2 liters or 2 quarts a day. Speaks volumes doesn’t it.

Of course, the numbers are a pretty accurate guideline, but just like us dogs don’t always follow what the numbers say and may not drink quite that much.

If you have a dog that leaves his water bowl to stagnate on the floor, try to make drinking more appealing and invest in a drinking fountain. He just may up his water consumption hydration.

To sum it all up, if your dog drinks well from a bowl, always make sure the water is fresh. If they don’t drink well from a bowl, try a drinking fountain for dogs.

If you take your dog to the dog park, always bring a large quantity of water with you to prevent your dog from getting dehydrated.

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Dog drinking a lot of water

Many conditions can lead to excessive thirst or dehydration in your dog, including diabetes, Cushing’s disease, cancer, diarrhea, fever, infection, kidney disease, and liver disease, Sometimes, however, it may not be the condition itself causing your dog’s excessive thirst, but the medication used to treat it.

In the event that your canine is drinking unreasonably (polydipsia), it is perhaps on the grounds that he is losing exorbitant measures of water for any of various reasons.

While various maladies bring about an abundance of water admission and pee yield, the most well-known of these sicknesses incorporate kidney disappointment, diabetes mellitus, and Cushing’s illness.

A remarkable reason for canines drinking more is called psychogenic polydipsia. It is a social condition with a physical indication of an abundance of thirst.

Essential polydipsia is utilized to portray extreme water drinking that isn’t because of disease or psychosis: exhausted pups or water-adoring varieties may tank up on water every so often or reliably. Arranging these out can be a genuine test for your veterinarian.

A few prescriptions, for example, cortical steroids frequently have expanded water admission as a reaction.

By what method should expand thirst and drinking be overseen?

Drinking inordinate measures of water regularly is related to expanded pee. While drinking a great deal of water is an indication of medical issues, expanded pee can be a genuine issue for you to live with since influenced canines frequently pee improperly.

The first and most significant advance intending to unreasonable drinking is to analyze and affirm the basic condition with your veterinarian.

A significant number of the conditions related to abundance thirst are intense and must be tended to at the earliest opportunity:

  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hypercalcemia (high blood calcium)
  • Pyometra (uterine infection in unspayed females)
  • These are all complicated and progressive diseases. It is important that these conditions be confirmed and controlled before they result in irreversible damage.

What not to do if your dog is drinking a lot

Never confine admittance to water with an end goal to lessen water admission. Confining water may well bring about a lack of hydration and liquid uneven characters that will aggravate conditions.

Never overlook the issue. The conditions that cause these progressions are intense and can be deadly.

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What would it be a good idea for you to do if your canine is drinking a ton of water?

Timetable a meeting with your veterinarian at the earliest opportunity.

Dog drinking a lot of water
Dog drinking a lot of water

How will my veterinarian diagnose my dog’s condition?

At first, your veterinarian will play out various blood and pee tests. Extra tests might be expected to additionally recognize and manage the condition.

The best way to decrease water admission is to deal with the fundamental condition. The majority of these conditions can be controlled and your canine can proceed to have an ordinary existence of good quality.

In the event that you have any inquiries or concerns, you ought to consistently visit or call your veterinarian – they are your best asset to guarantee the wellbeing and prosperity of your pets.

Dog drinking a lot of water?

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